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This quest can only be started by finding the notice on Harborside 's notice board. From there, you can find Gilbert standing guard at the bridge around the Fish Market and he'll tell you a bit about the bodies and that they're at the docks, set to be burned soon. With that, head to the marker to find the medic and talk with him, exhausting all the points to learn more about the killings, which will then point you to a location behind Crippled Kate's.

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Here you'll find 3 tracks: unimportant guard's tracks and children footprints, and hoofprints, but walking on 2 legs. Follow the hoofprints around until they point you to the backdoor of Crippled Kate's.

Deadly Contract

While the quest will update to talk to the madame , you may notice in the alley corner just past the door something else with your Witcher Senses. On examining it, you'll pick up a perfume trail. However, if you wish to do all the tasks, you can go ahead and head in to talk to the madame. If you choose anything but the Axii option Delusion level 2 required , she won't tell you and you'll have to resort to finding the perfume bottle. If you use Axii though, you'll earn 35 and she'll tell you it's a succubus but she doesn't know if it kills before giving you the key to its house nearby.

The quest will then point you directly to the house in question and you can entirely directly through the door to confront Salma.


Contract: Deadly Delights

If you didn't use Axii, you'll instead have to follow the perfume trail around to the house where you'll find a man acting oddly at the bottom of some stairs. Talk with him to confirm not only is this the house, but it's a succubus you're looking for, earning Head into the house just south of the building along the eastern side of the buildings and go all the way up the stairs, up the ladder, across the platforms, and finally up one last ladder to enter the building's attic. Drop in then head all the way downstairs to confront Salma.

In the first part of the conversation, you can choose to immediately decide you need to kill her or hear her out. If you hear her out, she'll give you a basic explanation that she was caught by surprise and attacked by the guards so she defended herself. You can then choose to kill her now or tell her she has to leave the city.

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While she won't be pleased if you tell her she has to leave, she'll nonetheless give you the Succubus trophy to show as proof and Maugrim. It was released in China on 16 June Yan Jian, a young Chinese IT engineer volunteers to go to North Africa and help the company he works for to win a competition. The winner can own the right to control the communication between south and north.

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French spy Michael is ordered to go to the North Africa and win the competition, so that France can control the mineral resources of Africa. He hires the best mercenary in Africa, Lauder, and a former general, Kabbah, to help him.

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Yan discovers their conspiracy, and is the only one who can stop them. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. China Salesman Film poster. Penske Business Media. Retrieved 3 March Box Office Mojo.