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  1. A True Church - Let Us Reason Ministries Is Not Biblically Reasonable
  2. Come! Let Us Reason Together!: A Vision for Dialogue in an Age of Division
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It is not just teaching a man to fish that will allow him to eat for a lifetime; in the end, it comes down to who owns the pond. I learned this lesson the hard way when I was a boy and went to work all day for a white man down the road and walked away with only 15 cents in my hand. I had expected at least a dollar as a fair wage for the work I had done, but I only walked a way with a few buffalo nickels.

Was Jesus A Racist!? - Muhammad vs Christian - Speakers Corner

I had no bargaining power in that conversation. He owned the land, the hay, the mules, and all I had was my labor and my desire to make some money. I was still young at the time, but I think that is when I began to realize that I needed to get my own wagon and mules if I was ever going to make it in this society.

If there had truly been peace with justice after the Civil War, we all would have been given 40 acres and a mule, because we needed some resources, we needed some bargaining power to be a part of the national dialogue. But instead, we stayed sharecroppers—its own form of slavery—and despite the progress that has been made, we continue to see the effects of this today.

A True Church - Let Us Reason Ministries Is Not Biblically Reasonable

As Christians, our calling to listen to each other is even deeper. I often say that prayer is listening to God and when we pray together, we are listening for God. We are listening for some insight, for his word, and for his voice to move us forward and to pull us together. But when we come together in prayer, we also need to be listening to each other, because this is the time that we begin to confess. When we confess our sins to God, he says he will be faithful and just to forgive them, yet we often do not apply this same principle to our relationships with one another.

Come! Let Us Reason Together!: A Vision for Dialogue in an Age of Division

We are slow to confess and we are slow to forgive, yet how can we expect real forgiveness, real reconciliation, unless we start having some real confession? This is what happened in South Africa. They had to have the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, a place where they learned to listen and face each other and gain true empathy for those once considered enemies. It was a place where the oppressors were forced to listen to the pain and hurt of the oppressed, but it also became a time where people offered sincere confession and where real forgiveness was given. I long to see these same types of gatherings happening today.

I think people expect me to have it all together as a Christian leader, but in my old age I find myself even more aware of my sin, my own need for forgiveness, and how difficult it can be to humble myself before God and others. But it is when we humble ourselves that we acknowledge the brokenness of all people and that even really good people, have probably benefitted from the systems of oppression and slavery.

Welcome to Let Us Reason Ministries

When we humble ourselves, we begin to identify with the pain and suffering of others. And this is when God says that he will hear us. This is when we are able to reason together and our worship becomes something that is pleasing to God, rather than the futile, hypocritical worship described earlier Isaiah 1. Our problem today is that we are making people Christians without discipling them. We have them say a nice prayer, but then we jut leave it there. They never learn what a Christian is supposed to look like—someone marked by the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

Featured Verse Topics

If our gatherings were marked by these characteristics, think of how much better our conversation would be. Paul tells us in Romans 14 that the Kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but a place of justice and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. Instead of arguing over the trivialities of what we are eating and drinking, we need to look towards our end goal: a Kingdom of peace and justice.

John M.

Perkins is a highly esteemed author, international speaker, and teacher on issues of racial reconciliation, leadership, and community development. Christian wisdom for life's big questions. A Conversation Among Equals But before our dialogue even begins, we need to ask some questions about what brought us to the conversation in the first place. Starting in the Public Sphere: Equality, History, and Justice We need to start in the public sphere of America, with the great promise of liberty and justice for all.

Peace Without Justice? Christian Character in Conversation Our problem today is that we are making people Christians without discipling them. About the Author. Also, is it being promoted as God given, and is it … [Read more…].


Hitler used the same tactic when organizing the German church into an arm of the state. Quelling dissent among Christians and using pastors to bring their congregations into line with Third Reich policies actually enabled the Holocaust. Christians should be more aware than other people … [Read more…].

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