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Alta Tensione

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Alta Tensione (Italian third edition) | Board Game Version | BoardGameGeek

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Crucified E. Train Of Thought E. Similar translations Similar translations for "bassa tensione" in English. English low low-pressure system low depression hollow lowlands plain pass.

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    English low lowly low low-rise dim feeble downcast low flat low-lying low short short shallow currish lower. English pressure strain strain strain burden edginess weight tautness tensity tenseness. Context sentences Context sentences for "bassa tensione" in English These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate.

    Italian trasformare in bassa tensione. Italian sulla bassa tensione , sulle macchine, sulle apparecchiature mediche, eventualmente sull'alta tensione e su altri argomenti. More by bab. Italian basito basket basket option basketball basmati bassa bassa frequenza bassa marea bassa pressione bassa stagione bassa tensione bassa tensione BT bassamente bassanio basset hound bassetta bassetto bassezza bassi interessi bassi regimi bassifondi In the English- Norwegian dictionary you will find more translations.

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