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Prometheus Disagrees With Zeus

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  2. Prometheus The Fire Bringer – Hero Stealing Fire From Gods Giving It To Mortals

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The Fire Bringer

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Prometheus The Fire Bringer – Hero Stealing Fire From Gods Giving It To Mortals

Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. Fire Bringer is a xenofiction novel written very much in the vein of Watership Down , but David Clement-Davies's tale features red deer in Scotland during the Dark Ages.

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The story begins with the birth of the fawn Rannoch on the night his father is murdered by the forces of Drail and Sgorr, a tyrannical pair of deer who have forbidden the yearly play of antlers that ensure a change of leadership. A prophecy surrounds Rannoch's birth: he will become the savior of the deer.

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If he survives the insane dystopian army in pursuit of him Dark, beautiful, and rich in Anyone Can Die , the story's more fantastic elements, namely the epic clash between good and evil, are firmly rooted in the nature of deer. The spiritual sequels , The Sight and Fell , feature wolves, but are set in the same world as Rannoch's story albeit in Transylvania.