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I knew a long time ago, back during In The Heights , like late spring of that this was happening. I knew back then I had to be a part of it. But I never in my wildest dreams thought that I was going to audition and actually get the role of Mother. With her out of the way, I love you Coby, I felt like there was a shot. Like maybe there was a chance I could land the role.

David, Director David Gregory presented the leads with a copy of the novel at the opening rehearsal. And to have someone like that who is so dedicated and so involved, that was the other big reason I knew I had to get involved with this show. The chance to work with David, and I have worked with him before, is not something you want to pass up.

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He puts so much into making this story a successful, meaningful journey, ensuring that the story is told the way he envisions it being told while still making sure we as actors know who we are playing when we work with these characters. That is a beautiful segue into my next question. This is where reading the book really helped me. The whole beginning of the book, the first couple of chapters are all about the family.

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It very much establishes that they are the status quo for I think the audience can immediately relate to that. The family is kind of the group to which everything happens. Everything changes around them. Cory: One of the most interesting things to me is that every member of the family reacts differently to the world changing around them.

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Everything is fine. Keep it the way it is. This is all just kind of happening to me. And I realize that this is my opportunity.

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I have to seize it. I have to go and make a difference. I stumble upon a protest and it just sparks this fire in me. So I join him and I just want to have justice. Santina: The relationship between Mother and Father is a huge change from the beginning to the end. To make such a huge decision on her own—and you know maybe she even questions her decision a little bit—but she makes this decision on her own and she sticks with it because of her natural desire to be good and to do good. I think because she is naturally maternal she wants to do life right. You know how they say that you have that out-of-body experience where you look down on your own life, well she gets that moment to see that her life is not the only type of life that is being lived out there.

In the novel he really just goes away and does his own thing. When she finds the baby and takes the baby and Sarah in, because I see her doing this wonderful life-changing thing, that really starts the ball rolling for me. He goes off for his adventures and comes back thinking nothing has changed but instead the world has been flipped on its head.

Everyone else is embracing this world of change and Father is left wondering what happened.

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  4. I love his song there too, the message of where have I been and how did this all change and how am I supposed to deal with it all having changed really moves me. Are you finding it easier or harder to make a personal connection to these characters? Brian: Younger Brother and I are definitely similar ages.

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    I think that has definitely helped me drive along his character. There are definitely still problems here and now with racism and sexism. Younger Brother gets really riled up about those issues then, he gets really political about them, and that has actually made me look at those issues today. Younger Brother has brought out more of that side in myself. Cory: Yes! Ray, he plays our Booker T.

    'On The Wheels of A Dream', Kennedy Center's RAGTIME Looks to Bdwy

    I think he has helped us all make a more personal connection to these characters. I was sitting in rehearsal one day and someone said something about not being able to imagine, or could you imagine what living like this was like and Ray just spoke up and said that yes he could because he had lived through it all.

    I cannot even fathom what it must have been like to in one lifetime live life where segregation was in practice, being separated by the color of your skin and decades later Obama is President. The world has changed that much that fast. Santina: Ray is a story teller.

    Dream Wheels Heritage

    It was the one genuine mystical experience of his life. But it was too late. The world was already at war. At the end of this time, Tateh proposed and she accepted. A very small black child runs into her arms. The children play.

    Ragtime Soundtrack - Wheels Of A Dream Lyrics | MetroLyrics

    TATEH One afternoon, watching his children play, Tateh had an idea for a movie: a bunch of children, white, black Christian, Jew, rich, poor--all kinds-- a gang, a crazy gang getting into trouble, getting out of trouble, but together despite their differences. He was sure it would make a wonderful movie--a dream of what this country could be.

    Hot lyrics. I hear his heartbeat. I look in those eyes. How wise they seem. Well, when he is old enough I will show him America And he will ride On the wheels of a dream. We'll go down South And see your people Won't they take to him Like cats to cream! Then we'll travel on from there. California or who knows where!