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Learn German A1 - The Alphabet - German Pronunciation -- Deutsch Für Euch 1

In this story Schnitzler uses relatively simple syntax few multi-clause sentences and manages to tell a gripping story without too many difficult words. The streaming provider even offers a free PDF download to read along while you listen. The audio files are also available as a free mp3 download. Listen on Vorleser.

Length: m Provider: Vorleser.

English-German Dictionary

This modern fairytale by German author Paul Maar is a beautiful little story about a mother and a daughter whose father mysteriously disappeared on a journey to America. Length: m Provider: Ohrka. This German translation of H. The sentences are rather short, the story uses basic vocabulary and you can also get a free PDF copy and an mp3 download. Length: m Alternative versions: YouTube. First of all, although the overall diary is quite lengthy, the audiobook is presented in short segments ranging from 20 seconds to about 5 minutes length. This way you can slowly make your way through it without getting too overwhelmed.

Berres about a young boy who gets curious about what happens when the clocks are turned forward and in the blink of an eye, a whole hour vanishes — when suddenly he finds himself in the midst of a great nocturnal adventure. Listen on Ohrka.

  • streicheln (Hund, Katze, Kaninchen etc.).
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Highly recommended! Mp3 download available.

German tongue twisters (Zungenbrecher)

The German learning adventure continues! Kindle ePub iBooks Paperback. Length: m Provider: Spotify Alternative versions: YouTube listen on Spotify Die Fremde This story by the Austrian author Arthur Schnitzler tells the story of a man who awakes one morning during his honeymoon to find a goodbye-letter from his wife.

You Might Also Enjoy Reading. Learning German? But we don't usually give a pet only one pat, and we usually pet pets rather than pat them. Yeah, that sounds a lot more natural for me Something you would transalte into "Klaps". Making this movement a few times quite fast - but still gently - is, what I would call patting the dog. If you say, you have never heard of "stroke" in context with dogs, then how do you call the movement you make when you slide over the dog's or cat's or cow's or whatever animal's available back a few times?

Comment Petting.

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Once again, you pet a dog. Or a cat, or a llama, whatever you find at the petting zoo. Translation to pat a dog, cat etc. Comment In NZ English, we say "to pat" an animal. This is not restricted to child language. I have only heard "to pet" in AE contexts. To us that sounds strange - the pet is the animal itself. Unless you were talking about that other kind of petting dude was talking about That reminds me, too: When we had swimming lessons at secondary school, the boys were terribly keen to learn "breaststroke" What will I call it if I conduct the same movement on a human being?

When is it "stroke" and when "caress"? What word will I use when I talk about a friend who is sad and I try to comfort him or her with this movement? And what will be the right expression when this movement is used in a sexual context meaning a gentle touch which will lead to more?

German Skill:Plurals | Duolingo Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Are there different words? For me "caress" has a more caring meaning. Forums Trainer Courses. LEO: Additional information. Print PDF. You need to be logged in to start a new thread. Registration and participation are free! Ask the LEO community. Recent lookups click on a word to display the dictionary results again :.

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How to pronounce the gender in German

LEO uses cookies in order to facilitate the fastest possible website experience with the most functions. In some cases cookies from third parties are also used. Lost password. I meant pet, of course, not "pat," although pat would work, too.